ethernet relay controller board RT-206-D box

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ethernet relay controller

With this product, you can control 4 relays or contactors over ethernet internet intranet.

Please contact us for Altınkaya RT-206-D model boxed product.

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With this product, you can control 4 relays or contactors over ethernet internet web. Relay contacts are dry contacts. 220 Volt ac

You can use it in your 7 amp or 120 Volt ac 7 amp or 24 Volt dc applications. Industrial automation, workplace / home

Suitable for automation, hobby projects. Visual basic 6, which will be required for the control software of the product,

Visual, c # .net, delphi, C ++, Phtyon source codes are also sent to you by dvd. Java and apk files for Android


Technical specifications:

* Relay Contact Information: 220 VAC. 7 A. / 120 VAC. 7 A. / 24-48 VDC. 5 AMPS

* Supply Voltage: 12 VDC.1A. (Relays are fed by adapter, adapter is sent with the product.)

* Relay on / off status: Each relay has its own on / off led.

* There are 5 adc inputs, maximum 5 volts dc. entered. Female header can be accessed.

* Ethernet Connection Status: The ethernet led lights up when the Ethernet cable is attached.

* Multiple products can be connected to the same network.

* It works by connecting directly to the ethernet port of the computer. Or it can be used with a hub plugged into an ethernet port.

* The default IP number is You can determine the IP number you want with its special program. IP setting program is free.

* MAC address of each product is different. When you change the product IP number, the MAC address changes automatically. This way, there are no mac conflicts on the network and you can connect our products to the network as many times as you want.

* Gate Way IP number is the same as the IP number you set. For example, if you set the IP number to, the gateway IP is set to This is true for all IP numbers you set.

* Card Size: 10cm X 8.5cm (height: 1.7cm)

* PCB feature: FR4 1.6mm (corrosion resistant)

* Sdk Support: vb6,, C # .net, delphi, phyton, c ++ android java apk samples are sent.

* All information required for relay control is sent as pdf.

* There are 4 fastening holes on the pcb for mounting on the sides.

* In order to use it on your modem or your own network, please download the user manual and examine the IP number change.

* Materials shipped with the product:

* 12vdc adapter, DVD with product program and source codes, 1 1M. Ethernet connection cable.

* Ethernet cable distance of our product is 200 meters.

You can download the product's User Manual (ver6) from the link below:ısxlhx0hksu1wdmm/view?usp=sharing

Windows c # Control Program Interface: